We only install quality systems manufactured by "J&E Hall", "Cellar Star" & "SlimLine* ".  We have been doing so for the last five years and have come to the opinion that these are the best cellar cooling systems available on the market.  The reason we think this is due to the following points

• Performance

These systems deliver efficient cooling all year round, even at the height of the British summer.  They don't lack during the searing heat of the summer and remain efficient all year round.


• Efficiency

Because of the new the technology that these systems utilise; they don't cost a fortune to run.  In fact, they are amongst the most efficient systems on the market, and far more efficient than older cooling units.

• Reliability & Manufacturers guarantee

Installing only the best

All systems are provided by a manufacturers 3 year guarantee**, which is a show of faith in their equipment and reassurance in the rear event  of a breakdown within this period.

SlimLine Cellar Cooling Systems

For smaller rooms, VOLLAND can provide our own SlimLine solution.  Exclusive to VOLLAND Ltd* we have combined a reliable Condenser with a compact evaporator, which is assembled by us at our workshop using only the best and most reliable parts.

The smaller indoor unit utilises 2 small fans, that makes less commotion (whisper quiet) than the larger units and its compact size means it takes up less area in a small room. We install a reliable Dixell  electronic controller to allow to monitor and control the room temperature down to 8°C


J&E Hall & Cellar Star Cellar Cooling Systems

The cellar cooler range from "J&E Hall" and "Cellar Star" provides a range of cost effective and reliable units designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars. 

All systems are fitted with a standard electronic controller across the range which allow room temperatures down to 8°C perfect for any beer cellar.

The indoor units utilise brewery specification 6 fins per inch evaporator coils and a powder coated mild steel casing for ease of cleaning which together with the tried and tested condensing unit has produced a winning combination.


Which make system will be installed?

This will depend on your room size and circumstance, and will be one of the 3 options indicated above.  We will advice the best system for your situation.  On request, we can install a preferred manufacturer

Why do you only install the listed Cellar Cooling systems above?

After many years of installing different manufactures equipment on the market, we found these to be the most reliable whilst remaining affordable.  We also felt specialising would enable us to perfect installation and offer a simple pricing structure.  After over 400 installs with minimal downtime reported on installed systems, it's fair to say that this decision was good for both us and more importantly the customer

Ae the systems affordable to run?

These modern systems are far cheaper to run than older systems and are amongst the cheapest systems to run on the market.  There are always ways to make a system even cheaper to run, such as insulating the room, hanging curtain, removal of heat source etc

How noisey are the systems?

All outdoor units produce the lowest DB in the industry, with the smallest unit producing only 29DB and the largest of the systems producing only 34DB.  This makes these systems great for residential areas, close neighbours, or to place in an area where it was once unsuitable because of the noise levels.  We're happy to work with you and provide all the necessary information to satisfy the conditions planning may require

* "SlimLine" is a name used by VOLLAND Ltd to describe a compact indoor unit - the condenser is manufactured by Marstair and the indoor unit is Manufactured by VOLLAND Ltd.

** All new Cellar Cooling systems are provided with a 3 years manufacturers parts only guarantee, alongside VOLLAND Ltd own 1 year Parts + Labour guarantee.


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