Below Ground Room Sized Up To 120 m3
£2,195.00 Fully Installed + VAT
5.74kw System Fully Installed Anywhere in UK*
*Surcharges for London, Cornwall, Scotland & Wales - See below for information

Installation Details


Your installation will include the following:


  • Decommissioning and removal of existing system

  • Mounting the evaporator and condenser

  • Placing the pipework, insulation and wiring.  The indicated price allows for the drilling through a single brick/ stone wall (65mm hole up to 500mm deep).

  • Connecting the system to an electrical supply (within 5 meters of the indoor unit)

  • Placing the waste pipe to suitable location (within 5 meters of the indoor unit)

  • There may be a surcharge of up to £395.00 for London (Within M25), Scotland & Wales; please contact for more info, or lool at the out of area surcharge page under "Price List".


The system


This is a 5.74kw "Cellar Star" system.  It incorporates a large evaporator to increase airflow and reduce cold spots in your room.  The indoor unit has a digital controller where you can monitor and control the room temperature


  • Large Single Fan Indoor Unit

  • Silent Outdoor Unit

  • Digital controller to monitor and control the room temperature

  • 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee (Parts Only - Alongside VOLLAND Ltd 1 Year Parts + Labour Guarantee)


What’s is supplied


This price includes the system (condenser and evaporator), up to 10 meters of copper, insulation & wiring and brackets or mounting blocks for the condenser.  Systems with piperuns over 10meters may occur further charges.


What we would require on site


A 16amp supply will be required in the room where the indoor system is to be placed.  Furthermore, the evaporator (indoor unit) produces water and will require access to drainage within 5 meters; such as an external wall, drain pipe or cellar drainage.  If replacing a system we can use your existing electrical supply and drainage, but it is still your responsibility to make sure they are in place and suitable for this system.


When replacing existing system


We will decommission, remove and dispose of any existing system that we will replace for no extra charge.  If the pipe work is in good condition we may choose to re-use it.  We will also use the existing power supply and drainage which the old system utilized.


Notes before placing an order


  • The pipe length for these particular system cannot exceed 15m; if your pipe length exceeds 15m please contact us for alternative systems.

  • A route must be planned by yourself & accessible for our pipe run.  If replacing an existing system the existing pipework must be exposed so we can easy replace it or re-insulate it.

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