When installing a new system, if there is a system currently in place, we can properly recover the refrigerant, dismantle and dispose of the equipment at a suitable recycling plant*

We offer this service because it offers connivance to you the customer, so that you don't need to worry about anything prior to the install, and be reassured that all gases and equipment will be disposed of in the proper manor.

* We can not dismantle equipment with any non CFC, HCFC or HFC refrigerants, such as amonia or sulfur based refrigerants


•  Step One : Decommission any existing system (See "removal" for more information and the proper steps taken when we decommission each system)

•  Step Two : Place the evaporator & condenser (on brackets or feet).  When installing we use the appropriate mounting fittings and anchors to securely mount the units

•  Step Three : Depending on the situation, we will either re-use any existing piping and wiring (flushing the system to clean) or plumb in new piping, insulation and wiring.

•  Step Four : Pressure test the system to find any possible leaks in the system.

•  Step Five : Vacuum the system - an important step in refrigeration, that provides the best possible operation of your cellar cooling.

•  Step Six : Commission the system and confirm that the operation of the system is satisfactory ​

Install Steps

For FAQ's in regards to the equipment we install please read the FAQ's under 'the systems we install' section

When placing an order, the location of the outdoor unit will be discussed.  When the unit is to be placed above head hieght, In most situations there will be no extra charges.  System that are to be placed above 4 meters will require addiitional charges for scaffolding and lifting equipment.

Does the indicated price includes the unit is to be installed above head hieght.  

The prices indicated includes the drilling of up to two 65mm diameter holes (up to 500mm deep) through standard construction material.  In other situations we encourage you to plot the route and arrange th drilling of holes prior to install.

Does the indicated prices include the cutting of hole(s) for the pipework?

All installations are carried out by 2 qualified and competent engineers, who complete most install on a single day within 5 hours.

How long does an install take?

Possible dates and times will be discussed prior to any order.  Our turnaround time is typically within 5 working days during autamn and winter months, and within 10 working days dueing spring and summer months.

How soon can installation take place?



Installation done right

We put pride into every install, to give you a reliable and efficient system.


With every sale of a cellar cooling system comes a full installation and commission.  We take great pride in our installations; we DO NOT take shortcuts in our installs, with every install getting the same treatment as the last.

The prices given on this website induces the full installation of the specified cellar cooling in the region of the UK you specify with the following included as standard :

- Cellar Cooling System - The evaporator and condenser with specifications and details found under 'our cellar coolers'

- Copper, Insulation & Cable - Were possible we will reuse any current piping and wiring, however if there is none in  place, or the current piping is unacceptable the prices indicated  includes piping for up to 10 meters

- Brackets or feet - Every condenser (outdoor) system is installed on block feet or brackets depending on your requirements and/ or the site

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